Welcome to E-bookwritersblog.com.

I am a writer of e-books and have a fair amount of experience from the starting to finishing processes.

There are many people that feel they would like to write a book but just haven’t started, there are some people that have written a book and have submitted it to a publisher and have either heard nothing or have had it rejected and haven’t bothered since.

Some are very prolific in their writings and have been published, or have self-published themselves which is the growing trend and why not? Take the matter into your own hands.

This site will be a place where writers of all types from first timers/ghost-writers/professionals and so on can feel at home and contribute their experiences with each other.

Is this an authors only site? 

This site is not just for the writers of books and e-books but also for the readers of them also. Actually everyone.

Readers are very important not just in the end process but can be quite useful in the creative processes also.

The reviewing aspect of a book is very important in the sales process, a well received book is going to do better than one that has been slated (in most cases)

The idea here (once again) is to have a very creative, positive and not only an uplifting element, but also a constructive one too. An intelligence collective if you will.

I will encourage everyone to subscribe (hey it’s free and takes about 5 seconds), there won’t be emails everyday clogging your inbox.

Also for any of our members/subscribers who are releasing a new e-book/book they can simply email me the details and we will highlight it on the next post. That’s free too no cost.

There will be no superior element (as there are on one or two sites), there is no such thing as a silly question, and respect will be assumed. We all want it so we should give it too.

The way i look at it is that at one point we were all learners and with that in mind.

Lets enjoy ourselves.

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