What Experiences Have You Had?


Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.

For all of us there is a lot of work to do from having an idea in your head, getting the paper and then grabbing a pen/pencil and start putting down the ideas on those pages. Most people will use a laptop/notebook or PC I think.

Some may say that they don’t have this situation because they may hire a ghost writer which is fine but for this I am talking about you the author.

Personally I will, start writing today, tomorrow and then not do any more writing till next week, sometimes longer. Some people can sit down and just “crank” them out.

Let’s now say it’s finished, do you want the traditional method of finding a publisher, submitting your work and sometimes wait months to hear anything back? Have you had luck with this method?

Or have you decided to do it in an e-book format?

Have you received mailing from companies telling you that they can give you this, enable you to do that while rummaging around in your back pocket?

How do you prefer to work? Let me know.

Do you have any recommendations for someone starting out?

How should they start/progress/what should the use/who should they use?


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