Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again. Yet another made up festival, but this one is interesting.

Looking into my crystal ball I will predict that sales of red roses, Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolates will be higher on this day, than any other day of the year.

I suspect your response to my “prediction” is “well everyone knows that” and you would be right.

Is everyone that predictable? Well no of course not but generically my predictions are a fairly safe bet that 2 out of those three things will be given in most cases, but not all.

Romance (in my opinion) is something that is inspired.

As many of you are writers, authors, ghost and screen writers here is a question.

Lets say that for Valentines Day, you were told by your partner that all they wanted was a book.

Not any old book but a book that you have chosen especially for them to read.

What book would you choose for them, would it be romantic? A thriller? Biography?

It would also show your partner that you know the type of book they like, but maybe it could be a way of you introducing your partner to a genre that they had never taken the time to read.

The question once again is, what book would you give you partner?

Have a great Valentines.


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