Tonight’s Booker Prize. The winner is………..

Going to have to beat some very impressive contenders.

The contenders are:-

Former winner Hilary Mantel who is again vying for the prize with her book called “Bring Up The Bodies” which seems to be a strong contender for the prize. Set around the court of  Henry VIII, but told from the view point of Thomas Cromwell, it is the sequel to Wolf Hall and is strongly fancied.

Jeet Thayill has his book “Narcopolis” as a contender. Set around the opium dens of Bombay it take you through the lifestyle cultures set this drug and through to the arrival and perspective around heroin. A Good first book.

Deborah Levy has her book “Swimming Home” in contention. This is set in Southern France and five English tourists are resident at a villa, hosted by Kitty Finch who has had mental illness in the past, their interactions and behavior are under the watchful gaze of an English doctor who lives next door.

Will Self has his offering “Umbrella” in with a  strong shout.  His book follows the De’ath family from the 20th century until the present day. It is a mesmerising run through degrees of madness and confinement, the war and its effects, I believe this to be possibly the strongest contender.

Tan Twan Engs book called “The Garden of Evening Mists” in the running. He was nominated before in 2007 with the book “The Gift of Rain“. This book follows an ex-prisoner of war aiming to create a Japanese garden as a tribute to her sister who died in the war. The book takes you through the shock and strong feelings set around this time.

Alison Moore’s book “The Lighthouse” is also looking for the prize. This follows the main character’s contemplation and reflections after separation from his wife. The people he meets on his walk, his loss and memories have made this a nomination for this years prize.

The winner will be announced this evening.

The winner of this year’s Prize will receive a cheque for £50,000.  They will also get £2,500 and a designer bound copy of their book, as will all the other five shortlisted authors.

Good luck to all the authors and may the best book win.


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