It’s Only A Matter of Time. Surely?

Recently the New York Times Executive Editor, Jill Abramson,  revealed that she has no special place in her heart for print media. She no longer differentiates between digital and ink formats.

She is amongst a growing (even though I think it is still slow) number of editors that are no longer “hypnotized” by the traditional format of ink. Yes old habits die hard, but even a man with his eyes closed, wearing dark glasses, standing in a   photographers  darkroom, at midnight, would be able to see that the future has to be digital. Or am I wrong?

Self publishing has shown it is here to stay, as many of you will know by now Simon & Schuster has teamed up with Author Solutions Inc to create Archway Publishing which will cater for self-publishers. This will be the first of many and the questions are;  Do you think, the horse has bolted? Is this too little too late?

But the most important question for you self-publishers out there is, would you/could you see yourself using their services?

In my previous blog “And the winner is”

I stated whom I felt the winner was, and just as Jill Abramson has stated, the story content is more important than the format. Another point (and I am purely guessing here), is surely as more and more people are turning to digital reading, producing a digital edition of a newspaper or magazine, must cost a fraction of the cost of a print run.

Do you feel that the day will come where there will be a 100% digital Newspaper or magazine or will there still be a physical paper and ink presence  in the Newsagents?

Many people who still have the ambition to write a book, still want that book to be via a known publisher and the book to be on sale in bookshops.

Would you even now, advise them to pursue their dream, or would you steer them towards self-publishing?

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