Happy 2013. The Year of Changes

Hopefully those hangovers are not too severe but you have made it to 2013.

I am now looking into my crystal ball and will try and see what lies before us all.

I can’t see those lottery numbers but I predict someone will win it. (no hiding my skills eh)

Looking ahead I think that it is time to throw out these “how to sell a billion books in 3 hours” type of marketing drivel.

The essentials are and will always be true. You can make a sale if someone is interested in what you have written, but you have to tell them that you have written an  e-book in the first place.

A lot of people I have spoken with last year, were authors, and had self published their own work, which is great. I then asked them who knows that they have written an e-book, the answer was simply “my partner” or “my friends and colleagues”.

A simple way of spreading the word is to get your friends or work colleagues to simply put at the end of an email they send to their friends, something like “my friend has written a book called ABC by A.N.Other, check it out, let me know what you think”

That with a link will get clicks onto the sales page for your book and if the intro to your book is punchy enough you will get sales. You won’t have to pay for that either.

Plus if the email if forwarded on as many are, your link will be passed on all over the place and you may well pick up sales from areas you may not have considered.

I predict a lot of e-books that were written last year and even the year before will start gathering sales, as the amount of Kindles, Surfaces, and other eReaders that were given as presents, means that everyone of those recipients NEEDS to buy e-books to read on their new device.

I also predict that there will be a new wave of first time writers and self-publishers, who will need a little guidance from some of you pros, amongst them will be some that will come up with bestsellers.

Any great ideas or sales tips that you may have simply go to

The Writers Collective

and drop your suggestions in there, while there will be some that may consider themselves the font of all knowledge, at one point everyone was a novice.

I can see the traditional publishers cranking up the ante on the self-publishing market.

For those that are turning over a new leaf, hopefully that will be an electronic page in a book we have written.

What predictions do you have? Let me know.

Lets have a great 2013, and make the changes that benefits us all.


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