E-books sales? Is there a right time?

In a recent Q3 appraisal, The Hachette Book Group (HBG) has shown that an e-book sale for this period was down in comparison to earlier part of the year.

For the HBG, e-book sales are nearly a 5th of their book sales in total. This approximately shows that 80% of sales are still in the physical format, which is understandable;  I do still like a casual browse amongst the shelves myself, still love old book shops.

So as a writer/author is there then a good time to release your new book?

With a lot of occupations there is a good time of year and a not-so-good time of year. Is the latter part of the year not so good for e-book sales?

Well many people have a Kindle, or some other form of e-reader on their smart phone, laptops or other device, so when are the holders of these devices ready (or are more willing) to make a purchase?

Well maybe Valentines? Easter?  Bank holidays? Summer holidays?

Or is the commuter the main purchaser of e-books.

A period I think that may well prove to be fruitful is funnily enough right about now.

Well the tide from the physical book purchasers is changing quickly.

With the new Kindle Fire HD (free plug for you there guys!) I think is going to further move many more people across to Electronic book purchases.

It is sexy; yes it is, so I can see this selling like hot cakes, especially over this coming festive season. Those who have been looking at getting a kindle will surely opt for this one and I suspect that there will be a large percentage of existing kindle owners that will simply upgrade to this sexier model.

If your new e-book is released soon, it will be fresh in the minds of those that open up their presents on Boxing Day (everyone opens them on Christmas Day but you receive the presents on Xmas Day and Boxing Day is the day they are supposed to be opened, hence the name Boxing Day) to find there is a brand new sparkling Kindle Fire HD, just literally begging their new owner to go online and purchase a few e-books, so it can show off some of it ample talents.

So a book released now, with some good reviews, and some marketing could well make its debut on many new Kindles. I think this could well prove to be a great time for e-book sales, and Santa won’t have to struggle down the chimney to deliver them also.

For anyone who does a Facebook “like” and/or subscribes to this site they can simple send me a link to their e-book on Amazon and I will include it for free,  that’s my generosity for this time of year.

Seasons Greetings

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