And The Winner Is?

The season of goodwill is now upon us, and there are quite a few “battles” that will be taking place over this festive period.

There is the battle of the eReaders :-

Kindle Fire HD Vs Nexus 7 Vs Surface Vs Ipad Mini

This will be a highly contested arena and there will be no end of slick marketing to bolster the uppercut and jabs that will be taking place metaphorically. But who will win this device war?

The battle will rage, and hard, but an e-book that is released around now, and is visible, with an intriguing title/storyline or subject matter is going to garner sales. There will not be too much point in someone receiving one of these e-reading devices and not purchasing e-books to read on them. There may well be a few Amazon tokens alongside these presents

Battle Arena 2

With the above taking place, could this be the time that e-books deliver the uppercut to knock over printed book sales? It did deliver a hook to the ribs earlier this year!

Battle Arena 3

Published Vs Self-Published Authors

There cannot be any doubt at all that in the last few years there has been a significant rise in many writers/authors swerving away from the published route and taking matters into their own hands. Next year there will be more of a significant change in the published author arena. With self-publishing moving along at a rapid pace, can the published route strike back?

Battle Arena 4

Apple, Google and Amazon naturally will want to dominate the digital book arena. Amazon is (just in case you weren’t aware) the undisputed Heavyweight champion, the others are the Great Write Hopes (ok I will leave the humor alone now)

Well here is the winner.

The self published e-book author!

You can now look at the point that if you are a writer and you are releasing your new book, you can rest assured they will want your electronic book on their virtual shelves, they need it there, and between them all are many millions of buyers that are looking to purchase a book or two(at least) over the Xmas/New Year period. Your e-book could be among their purchase.

In this season of goodwill, if you have written an e-book and it is up on Amazon, and then contact me at

Give me a F/Book “like”, (that would be nice) and the link to your e-book and I will add it to my site for free.

Season greetings

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